Inside Web 360

Web 360

What’s Inside Web 360? The insights and information you wish you had before you started out as an Internet professional.

Website Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Peter Prestipino addresses twelve topics fundamental to owning or managing a website or Web-enabled business.

You’ll come away with a greater understanding of the elements of Web success, acquire practical and effective strategies and accelerate your website property into a fully functional, highly rewarding asset.


Chapter 1: The Big Idea
Coming Up With Your Big Idea, Benchmarking and Research, Funding the Big Idea

Chapter 2: Domain Names
Choosing and Buying Domain Names, Creating a Domain Name Portfolio, Domain Name Appraisals and Selling Domains

Chapter 3: Web Hosting
Web Hosting Simplified, Hosting Features You Need, Web Hosting in the Cloud, Bonus: Reseller Hosting

Chapter 4: Software Essentials
Front-end Software, Back-end Software, Building and Buying Your Own Software

Chapter 5: Web Design
Web Design for Beginners, Web Design Templates, Lessons on Managing Redesigns

Chapter 6: Content Development
Idea Generation, Distribution Tactics, Content Construction

Chapter 7: Search Engine Optimization
Preparation for SEO, Organization for SEO, Building Link Popularity, Bonus: Hiring an SEO

Chapter 8: Email
Acquisition of Subscribers, Email Development and Deployment, Metrics and Analytics for Email, Bonus: Essential ESP Selection Criteria

Chapter 9: Going Local
Local Strategy Alignment, A How-to Guide for the Local Web, Getting Social, Going Mobile, Bonus: Reputation Monitoring

Chapter 10: Social Media
Defining Social Media, SMO and the Players, Social Media Optimization, Hosting Your Own Social Media, Bonus: Promoting Link-worthy Content

Chapter 11: Internet Advertising
Display Advertising and CPM, CPC Advertising Techniques, Direct Media Buying and Selling, Affiliate Marketing

Chapter 12: Analytics
Key Metrics and Data in Website Analytics, Deeper Analysis, Web Analytics in Play, Bonus: Heat Maps

Conclusion: Now You Know


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